OCTOBER 11, 2019

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Director's Message

The Postgraduate Institute of Science (PGIS), University of Peradeniya, contributes to the development of science and technology as well as the society by creating and disseminating new knowledge by conducting postgraduate programmes and scientific research. Through its ten Boards of study in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Chemical Sciences, Earth Sciences, Environmental Science, Mathematics, Physics, Plant Sciences, Science Education, Statistics & Computer Science, Zoological Sciences, PGIS has a unique opportunity to launch and promote cross-disciplinary educational and research programs. The Institute as a top priority encourages innovative thinking of its research students and gives its fullest cooperation to fresh graduates to begin their research careers at PGIS. The research and development activities of the Institute has grown steadily in the recent years proving its identity as an outstanding national institution for science. In the year 2018 University of Peradeniya conferred 196 MScs, 21 MPhils and 18 PhDs on PGIS students and that reflects on the achievements of the Institute. The annual two-day Research Conference of the PGIS is the prime event in the institute’s calendar besides other international and national Seminars and Workshops organized by its Boards of Study. It is a gathering of researchers from all over the country and from other countries and is a regional platform for them to present and discuss their research findings. It combines an inspiring keynote speech by an invited distinguished scientist, with research presentations and discussions in diverse scientific disciplines in a friendly, informal and lively atmosphere. Every year, more than 400 participants comprising scientists from universities, research institutes, senior public-sector officials, industry representatives and postgraduate students attend the conference, and it immensely contributes to promoting and sharing cutting edge research with a stimulating scientific temper. A conference of this magnitude depends on the contributions of many researchers, organizations and well-wishers, and I would like to acknowledge the efforts of Organizing Committee of RESCON-2019, thank the referees for their invaluable help in the review process and collaboration of the Ministry and Science, Technology and Research of Sri Lanka and the sponsors. With tremendous pleasure and utmost gladness, I extend a very warm welcome and appreciation to all the dignitaries, researchers, delegates and other stakeholders to the RESCON 2019. I sincerely believe that your presence will add a fresh dimension and glamour to this monumental event.

Prof. H.M.T.G.A. Pitawala
Postgraduate Institute of Science