Masters in Analytical Chemistry


The practice of analytical chemistry has now become an integral and essential component in many diverse spheres such as Food & Beverage industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Health care & medical technology, Environmental control, Electrochemical technology, Agriculture, etc. Many of the underlying principles of Analytical Chemistry can be seen routinely in analysis in many areas such as quality control, research and development work, manufacturing processes, and in industry, university, and other research laboratories.

A large majority of undergraduates leaving the universities at the end of their period of study find employment which entail application of Analytical Chemistry in their respective assignments. In many instances, for the efficient discharge of their duties, it is necessary that such graduates possess the ability to understand clearly the nature of a given problem, use a variety of analytical methodologies and techniques – both classical and instrumental – to obtain accurate and precise measurements of the system, operate and maintain analytical instruments, calculate the final result together with the associated error, and interpret the results to arrive at appropriate conclusions.

Although undergraduate curricula provide a strong background in chemistry with a basic training in analytical aspects, a sound hands-on experience together with advanced principles of analytical chemistry is often beyond the scope of such curricula, mainly due to time constraints. The dearth of properly trained analytical chemists in Sri Lanka is a major drawback in the realization of our industrial and scientific potential, especially in the current atmosphere of increasing industrialization. The Board of Study in Chemical Sciences has now updated the M.Sc. programme in Analytical Chemistry introducing many new courses. This M.Sc. programme will thus prepare the candidate to take the challenge of meeting not only national needs in diverse areas as stated above, but also to continue toward a higher degree anywhere in the world.